Projects Undertaken

"When we build, let us think that we build for ever."

We believe in our capability and expertise as local players to build the country’s infrastructure and connect people’s lives today for a brighter future.

With a 100 years of professional excellence, we are one of the largest local contractor in Kenya with the ability to deliver complex civil engineering projects

YearName & Location Of The ProjectProject TypeRoad Length
1972 Construction Of Diani Beach Tourist Road (Coast Province), Kenya. Construction
1974 Construction Of Waa - Msambweni Road (Mombasa - Tanga Road), Kenya.Construction
1974Overlay And Rehabilitation Of Msambweni - Lunga Lunga Road, KenyaRehabilitation
1976Construction Of Nairobi Airport - Athi River Road KenyaConstruction
1978Construction Of Konza - Sultan Hamud Road (Nairobi - Mombasa Road), Kenya.Construction
1982Construction Of Northern Circuit Tourist Roads, Phase Iv In The Rift Valley Province KenyaConstruction210 kms
1983Construction Of Access Road To Kiambere Hydroelectric Scheme KenyaConstruction
1985Reconstruction Of Burnt Forest - Eldoret Road KenyaReconstruction
1985Resealing Of Sikendu - Kapenguria Road Rift Valley Province KenyaRehabilitation
1985Construction Of Container Terminal And Stacking Areas And Concrete Runways Mombasa Port, KenyaConstruction
1987Olkaria Geothermal Access Road Project, KenyaConstruction
1987Repair & Resurfacing Of Mombasa Roads, Phase I Mombasa, KenyaRepair
1988Repair & Resurfacing Of Mombasa Roads, Phase II Mombasa, KenyaRepair
1989Repair And Recarpeting Of 160 Kms Of Major Road Between Gilgil And Nyeri KenyaRepair160 kms
1990Reconstruction Of Kiganjo - Nanyuki RoadReconstruction48 kms
1992Malindi-Lamu Road Rehabilitation And Gravelling Of 90 Km Of Road Including Construction Of 4 Box CulvertsRahabilitation90 kms
1993 D.A. - 3.2km Rcc Box Culvert 16.28m Earthworks 300,000m3, Gravel Access Road - 20kmsConstruction20 kms
1994Rehabilitation of Kericho - Sotik Road, Kenya RoadRehabilitation47 kms
1994Marigat-Kabarnet Road Reinstatement Of GuardrailsRepair
1996Kiminini-Kapenguria & Kakuma- Lokichokio Road Repair And Reseal 38 Kms Overlay With Asphalt Concrete 23 KmsRepair61 kms
1997Kabartonjo-Kipsaraman Road New Road Construction Of 19 Km Including One Bridge And 4 Box CulvertsConstruction19 kms
2000Improvement And Gravelling Of Roads Kaptama - Chesamisi - Kamakoiwa Road D285 Mount Elgon District Western Province Kenya Gravel RoadsReconstruction
2000Ahero-Kisii Road Major Repairs, Earthwork Widening, Drainage Improvement And Carriageway Overlay To 80 Kms Of Existing Major Trunk RoadReconstruction80 kms
2000Kericho/Kapsabet Town Roads Construction And Rehabilitation Of Roads - In Kericho And Kapsabet Towns Construction10 kms
2001Improvement And Gravelling Of Roads In Trans Nzoia District Rift Valley Province Kenya Babaton - Endebess Road C44 Kiminini
- Brigadier Road E 284 Kitale - Kinyoru Road D 286 Kiminini - Matunda Road E 319
Gravel Roads
Reconstruction80 kms
2001Improvement And Gravelling Of Roads In Trans Nzoia District Rift Valley Province Kenya Maili Tatu - Ndalu Road E278
Kitale Air Strip - Kaptama Road D285 Koikoi Junction - Gituamba Road E320 Endebes - Suam Road C45 Gravel Roads
Reconstruction104 kms
2002Improvement And Gravelling Of Sururu - Likia - Pombo ( Olenguruone ) Road Nakuru District Kenya
Gravel Roads
Reconstruction68 kms
2002Sondu-Sosiot-Kapsoit Road Repair, Reconstruction And ResealingRepair36 kms
2002Timboroa-Miteitei-Songhor-Awasi Road Rehabilitation Of 78 Kms Of RoadRehabilitation78 kms
2003Improvement And Gravelling Of Roads Tiwani - West Pokot D 341 Knight Corner - Chepchoina D 343 Seed Driers To Kapkoi E 337 In West Pokot District Gravel Roads 89 KmsReconstruction89 kms
2003Emergency Repairs On The Chepsir To
Molo South Road (D315) In Nakuru- District Enep / Urrb / Pr 50
2005Improvement And Gravelling Of Sururu - Likia - Pombo ( Olenguruone) Roads Nakuru / Narok / Bomet Districts
Rift Valley Province Kenya Beeston - Nessuit Road E263 10kms Metkei - Ololongoi Rd. E263 / D319 Olenguruone - Kapcheluget - Mulot Road
Silbwet - Tegat - Kapcheluget Rd. 47kms Kapcheluget - Melelo - Ololongoi Road
Gravel Road
Reconstruction194 kms
2005Nabkoi-Kapsabet Road Repair, Reconstruction And ResealingReconstruction70 kms
2006Improvement And Construction To Bitumen Standard Of Olenguruone- Kiptangich Road (D319) 36 Kms Road - Chesoi Kapsowar RoadReconstruction36 kms
2007Repairs And Rehabilitation Of Nkubu - Meru - Lewa Road ( B 6)
Contract No. Rd 0436
40km Road
Repair40 kms
2008Construction For Improvement And Gravelling Of Iten Kapsowar Embubuti
River - Chesegon Road ( E352) To Gravel - Standard Contract No. Rg 870 - 04 91km Road
Reconstruction91 kms
2008Repair And Rehabilitation Of Makutano-Embu (B6) Road (46 Kms)Repair46 kms
2008Repair And Rehabilitation Of Embu-Thuchi Road (36 Kms)Repair36 kms
2009Construction Of Farm-Kawiru-Mutuati- Kachulu (E817,E831,D486) Road In Meru
Construction35 kms
2009Repair And Rehabilitation Of Rukenya-Kimunye Road Repair18 kms
2010Construction Of Kagio-Baricho-Kerugoya
& (D455) And Baricho-Kibirigwi (D454) Rd
2010Rehabilitation Of The Lewa-Isiolo Road
Contract No.Rd0449
2010Emergency Maintenance Of Nanyuki-Lewa Road
Contract No. Rd 0449d
2010Repair & Resealing Of Thika-Ngoliba-
Turn Off To Kitui Road (84 Kms)
Repair84 kms
2011Construction Of Ena-Ishiara-Chiakariga Road Project
Contract No.0471
2012Emergency Maintenance Of Nanyuki-Lewa Road
Contract No. Rd 0449d
2013Construction Of Ruiri - Isiolo (D490) Amos Loop Roads & Isiolo - Muriri Road
Contract No. Rd 0435a
2013Rehabilitation And Repair Of Mukuyu Githambo Kiruri(D440) 50kmRepair50 kms
2013Construction Of Mauili Tatu Laare Road Project'Construction
2017Construction Of Loruk Barpelo Road section, TENDER NO.KeNHA/220/2011Construction
YearName And Location Of The Project
1994Kibera High Rise Flats Phase 1 And 2 Nairobi - Kenya 2000 Units - Medium Cost High Rise Shops And Flats Including All Infrastructure
Tarmac Roads / Water Reticulation / Sewers / Drains / Electricity Etc. Gravel Roads 14kms
1996Brightwoods Apartments Nairobi Kenya 40 Executive Apartments ( 24 No. Bedroomed And 16no 4 Bedroomed)
In Five No. Four Storey Blocks Of 8 Apartments Each With Car Packing Facilities And Security System
2000Prestige Valley Park Nairobi Kenya 17 Town Houses, 4/5 Bedrooms Double Lockable Garages,Servants Quarters,
Paved Roads,High Level Security Fencing Recreation Area-Including Swimming Pool,Steam And Sauna,Roof Terrace Bar
Fully Equipped Gym And Entertainment
2000Naalya Affordble Housing Project Phase I & 2 Kampala Uganda Plus 2nd Phase Road 200-300 No. Medium Cost Housing Units And Infrastructure Works Consisting Of Roads,Sewerage,
Water Reticulation & Etc For 700 Units.
2000Vihiga Apartments Nairobi Kenya 16 Luxury Apartments ( 2 Blocks Of 4 Stories High) 6 Apartments With 3 Bedrooms And 6 With 2 Bedrooms. Each
Block With 2 Pent House Apartments On The Top Floor. Car Parking And Security Facilities.
2005Mazingira House Completion Of 6 No. Office Blocks 3/4 Storeys And Staff Quarters And All Associated Works Such As
Tarmac Roads,Water Supply,Sewers, Drainage & Etc
2005Touchwood Apartments Construction Of 32 Units Luxury Apartments (5 Blocks Of 5 Storey ) 3 & 4 Bedrooms Each Block With 2no.
Penthouses Each Block Carpaking Facilities & Security Systems
2006Bamboo Gardens Construction Of 48 Units Luxury Apartments 3 Bedrooms Each Unit And Parking Facilities & Security Systems
YearName And Location Of The Project
1977Mzima Water Pipeline Renewals Coast Province, Kenya
1977Sameta Rural Water Scheme Kisii District, Western Province, Kenya
1987Nairobi West River Training Project, Kenya
1993Trunk Sewer - 600/750/1200m
D.A. - 3.2KM RCC BOX CULVERT 16.28M, Athi River
2002Kapsabet Sewerage Project Phase I & II Kapsabet Municipal Council Kenya Trunk Sewer 30kms Earthworks 150,00 Cum River Diversion,Aerial Crossing,
Reclamation Of Swamp Land Gravel Access Road 16kms

YearName And Location Of The Project
1976Construction of Nairobi Airport - Athi River Road Kenya
1984Construction Of Parallel Taxiways And Aircraft Parking Apron Moi International Airport Mombasa, Kenya
YearName And Location Of The Project
2014Construction of a bridge over Galana River, Tsavo East National Park in Kenya.
1984Construction Of Kabartonjo-Kipsaraman Road New road construction of 19 km including one bridge and 4 box culverts