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  • 9th Floor Purshotam Place, Westlands - Nairobi.
  • P.O. Box 60293-00200 Nairobi, Kenya.
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • +254 700 282 828, +254 20 374 3838
  • www.intexafrica.com

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Mr. Kishan Singh Gehlot

Executive Chairman and Founder.


Through his astute leadership, Mr. Gehlot has guided the company over the last thirty five years into a position of prominence within Kenya and the East African region. He has over 40 years of experience as a Chief Executive in construction and in real estate industries. He completed his Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree from Jodhpur University in India.           

Board of Directors


Mr. Samit Gehlot

Managing Director


Providing leadership and direction in Finance, Administration, Real Estate Management and Marketing, Mr. Gehlot has successfully steered Intex into the 21st century, through the introduction of new work processes and a modern management styles which has significantly improved productivity and efficiency during the past 20 years. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Finance from Durham University in United Kingdom.

We at Intex Construction allow our customers to make inquiries about us and our services online through the contact us page Contact US.

Privacy Policy

In our Privacy Policy, you will be provided the way your personal information is collected and used by Intex Construction. By using the website, you assert to the collection and use of your personal information as outlined in this Privacy Policy. You are recommended to read the policy carefully. If you have any doubt or question regarding this declaration, you can call our Customer Care Number- +254 700 282 828.

Information / Data Collected From The Users

The following personal data/information about you is being collected only when you willingly give it to us through our website: Name
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How Does Intex Construction Use The Data/Information Collected?

Usage of Your Personal Data/Information is:
  • To protect social history as governed by present law or policy.
  • Get in touch with you in case when you make an inquiry.
  • To conduct customer surveys.

We do not provide, sell, rent or otherwise reveal any personal data/information to any third party. We do it only when

  • You approve us.
  • It is essential to defend and shield the rights or property of our website.
  • We are lawfully needed in fulfilment of a court order or other legal/quasi legal process.

Security Steps Used by Intex Construction

  • We follow the accepted industry standards to keep the personal data/information and email address collected by us at the time of broadcast and while we get it. Though, no way of electronic storage or way of broadcast over the internet is completely safe and secure. That is why, when we try to take steps to guard your personal data/information and email address or other information; we cannot give an assurance that its properly safe and secure.

Privacy Update

Intex Construction has all the rights to change or renew this privacy policy at any point of time by putting a notice on our website. And any type of change will come into effect immediately after putting it on our website. We have also retained the rights to revise our privacy statement at any point of time. So you are advised to read it often, if we do material changes to our policy through display of information / data on the homepage of our website.  

  • If you have any doubt or question about our Privacy Policy or you want to update your data/information or simply want to remove it from our personal data for our records, or if you wish to know what information we have stored about you, please feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can also correct any factual errors in that data or want us to remove your information from any data under our control.
  • When we try to make sure that the data we keep about you is precise, we consider that in lack of evidence to the contrary, the details you give us is correct. Should you tell us of inaccuracy in the data which we keep in relation to you or, if we find that such information / detail is wrong, it will be rectified by us. We do not deliberately keep any data/detail about you which is outdated or which is no longer needed.

     Beneficiary Social Impact initiatives 
1   Laciathuriu Primary School Location: Athwana,Tigania West sub-county, Meru County
  • - August 2014
  • - Handover of borehole complete with submersible pump and piping
  • - Construction of latrines and fence
  • - Water storage tanks
2   Kibumbu Primary School Location: Chuka, Meru-south, Meru South County
  • - Handover of Prefabricated site office for use as classroom
  • - 3 – 2 bedroom houses for use as staff quarters or rental property
3   Cheptunoyo Primary School Location: Nginyang, East Pokot sub-county, Baringo County
  • - Construction of classroom (2017)
4   Ncunguru Primary School Location: Igembe Central, Meru County
  • - January 2014
  • - Handover of borehole complete with submersible pump and piping
  • - Handover of 3 site offices for use as classrooms
  • - 16,000 litre water storage tank
  • - 2 latrines
  • - Fence and gate
5   Chepilat Primary School Location: East Pokot sub-county, Baringo County
  • - Construction of classroom (August 2015)
  • - Construction of 4 unit toilet block (November 2015)
  • - Handover of borehole to the school and community (2020)
6   AIC Kajiado Girls Primary School, Kajiado County
  • - March 2019
  • - Construction of 16 unit toilet block with shower and hand wash area


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