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Our Core Values

Ideals, principles and beliefs



Intex has always been a dynamic company, with innovation being at the forefront of the company to keep it ahead of its competition.

KENYAN PRIDE - We Care and We Lead

With powerfully passionate people, the company's very existence is close to the heart of millions of East Africans and cannot be separated. We are continually expanding our possibilities to empower Kenyans.


Intex along with its subsidiary G.Issais have over 100 years of experience in the civil engineering space in East Africa. Courage coupled with experience has allowed us to navigate ourselves to the top of the industry.


We believe in a win-win conduct that will have a positive impact for society and ecosystem. We are continuously empowering local people to new business employment opportunities and support international business opportunities too.


We believe and take pride in doing business with integrity. We portray transparency in our business process and honesty in our business conduct. This gains the trust from stakeholders, employees and people involved.


Intex aims to have a long-term positive impact, which will contribute to the growth of our employees. We see people as important assets that build the strong foundation of the company. We understand that our employees are a long-term commitment and look to develop them accordingly.